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Publish date: 2016/07/17

Relationships with relevant government institutions

The importance of the donor countries contribution in the water sector

Water Authority in collaboration with donors is seeking to study and plan water and sanitation projects all around the country within the framework of sectoral plans, as well as gaining financial support through the coordination of aid, to ensure the necessary funding to implement the plans, and work to develop, coordinate for effective participation in international and regional technical cooperation programs in the field of integrated management and sustainable sources of water, and also to participate in conferences, seminars to represent Palestine in the regional and international events with regard to the water sector.

The importance of relations with the donor countries in the water sector is in the  consultations and coordination of work of the main projects in the water sector and most importantly, commitment to the principles of international cooperation and development, and support for the priorities of the official institutions and the development of the principles of transparency, integrity and support of financial systems and conventions of the State of Palestine as much as possible and to enhance bilateral cooperation with the Water Authority as the leader of the water sector institutions.

To maintain these relations with the donor countries also the continuity of recruiting support for water projects represents the basis for the establishment of action plans with the possibility of execution. PWA seeks through relationships with donors to achieve the basis of good governance and effective management and sustainable development, thus achieving the objectives of the Water Authority, particularly the  creation of a better reality for the water sector and move forward with the support of capacity building programs and technical support to have strong and integrated institutions.

Water and sanitation sector is considered vital and important, and therefore attracts external support from donor countries to implement  various developmental programs, where the water sector manages to establish good relations with the international community and Water Authority manages to obtain  the necessary financial support for the implementation of the different programs depending on the sector plan, but it is not enough to cover all the expenses of the target plans, in addition to linking the implementation of projects with  political factors related to signed agreements, implementation mechanisms, agendas and policies of the donors, where  Water Authority was restricted to guide the implementation of the projects according to these agendas, despite the existence of mechanisms of coordination and cooperation with the sectoral working groups.


The Palestinian Water Authority Challenges in recruiting international support:

• Insufficient commitment by Donors and the Palestinian Institutions of best practices to raise the effectiveness of support

• The existence of a private agenda for Donors that associate support with the political situation.

• Unstable political situation

• The foreign financial and technical  aid must suit the strategic plan of the water sector.


Partnership with the private sector:

Water sector faces many challenges like the political, financial, technical and administrative challenges and many others, and in order to deal with them Water Authority requires appropriate tools. Partnerships with the private sector may be the most important tools to face the challenges mentioned, where it is known that the private sector has financial, technical and administrative capacity that exceeds the capabilities of many countries. Partnerships between the public sector and private sector in dealing with the challenges and the advancement of the water sector needs to find a legal and regulatory framework and contractual guarantees in delivering these services to all citizens with quantity, quality and prices emulating international standards, taking into consideration the principles of integrity, transparency and good governance, including the preservation of the environment from any exploitation, monopoly or depletion of resources by any party. The goal of  partnerships must be to serve the citizen and to take care of their health and maintaining the environment


Relationship with relevant government institutions

The functions and powers of the Palestinian Water Authority overlaps with many ministries and public institutions concerned with the issue of water, according to the provisions of the Decree Law No. 14 of 2014, which states that preparing policy , strategies and making water plans, and getting the approval and implementing them in coordination and cooperation with the related authorities and submit periodic reports about the water situation for the Council of Ministers.

these government ministries are : -

•      Council of Ministers .

•      Ministry Of Agriculture .

•      Ministry of Local Government .

•      Ministry of Health.

•      Ministry of Finance .

•      Administrative and Financial Control Court.

•      Ministry of Public Works .

•      Standards and Metrology institution.

•     Energy Authority.

•     Environment Quality Authority.


• Relationship with the Ministry of Agriculture:

• license and develop the exploitation of water resources

• the establishment of Water Associations

• work to achieve equitable distribution and optimal use to ensure continuance of water and groundwater sources.

• develop appropriate solutions and alternatives in emergency and crisis situations to ensure the continued provision of water to citizens in coordination with the service providers and the Ministry of Agriculture


• Relationship with the Ministry of Local Government:

• local bodies should be responsible for determining the price of provided water for different uses, within the boundaries of local bodies.

• Water Authority is  responsible for determining the prices within the framework of its functions relating to implementing the water tariff system.


• Relationship with Ministry of Public Works:

• Through applying of public bidding for government work, which regulates also the areas that require the formation of central tenders committees.

• Participate in bidding committees membership.

• Participate in technical and financial evaluation process.


• Relationship with the Ministry of Health:

• Participate in setting specifications for the quality of water for various aspects and popularize them.


• Relationship with the Ministry of Finance:

• The annual budget for the Water Authority is determined by the Ministry of Finance, like other ministries and public institutions.

• Ministry of Finance supervision over donations and aid, loans and grants, provided to the Water Authority.

• Ministry of Finance control and audit the work of Water Authority .

• Financial recoveries of  the Water Authority are  delivered  to the Ministry of Finance.


Relationship with the administrative and financial control office:

• Provide a comprehensive annual report about the financial and administrative performance.

• Control over the revenues and expenses of the Water Authority.

• Monitoring the performance of the Water Authority staff.


• Relationship with Standards and Metrology Institution:

• public policy planning and evaluation of water and sanitation projects in terms of economic and social feasibility mode, and develop standards and quality control, technical specifications and monitor its application, paragraph (6) Article (8) of the new Water Law.


• Relationship with the Environment Quality Authority:

• protect water and the aquatic environment surrounding the sources through the establishment of the protection areas of the risk of contamination.

• The Water Authority is fully responsible for the management of waste water sources, which is also responsible for licensing for re-use of wastewater as part of the wastewater management therefore PWA needs to coordinate with the Quality Authority, which is responsible for the environment about  the environmental aspect in the wastewater management.


• Relationship with the Energy Authority:

• Energy usage in pumps wells, pumping stations, and treatment plants.

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