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Publish date: 2016/06/13

Speech of Minister

Palestinian Water Authority is looking forward and constantly to communicate with all stakeholders in the water sector and citizens to activate the development process and elevate the quality of services in continuously .

Water Authority employees are doing their best to meet your needs and raise the quality of service provided to you and be able  to provide convenient an potable water as a basic right for citizens, as well as  justice distribution for all communities, and  to establish the concept of good governance in this sector with integrity and transparency, we strongly belief that good governance requires the employment of all human resources correctly ,with precision towards the desired goals in order to achieve our mission, which we have devoted ourselves to achieve as a public institution managing development and protection of water sources and infrastructure in a fair way, integrated and sustainable  to provide water for citizens for different uses in away that ensure protection of the environment, and achieve the development goals of the Palestinian society ,and the constant work to build an integrated partnership with all parties to achieve the strategic plan that includes the participation with citizen .

From this point we assured to form a Website for the water authority to be milestone that mainly intended to improve communication with all parties, especially the citizen's and an easy and attractive mean to show the achievements of the Water Authority and the future ambition and improve and raise the degree of transparency as well as saving time and exchange of information through communication within the site, which is considered one of the  development stage outcomes that we seek to reach, and we hope that this site will be a a channel of communication with you and to receive your suggestions that will have great attention, and proper care so that it is not necessary to visit the headquarters of the water authority and deliver your suggestions , your comments and your complaint to the officials directly.

We hope we will be able to reach these goals by providing a fair chance for all sides to express their views and suggestions, ask questions and hear your voice permanently. There is no doubt that the fruitful cooperation of construction is one of the foundations of commitment to achieve success and coherence between the sons of the homeland, God help us in this hard task, which will not be complete without your cooperation.

together and side by side to build our homeland and Jerusalem as its capital.


Eng. Mazen Ghoneim

Head of the Palestinian Water Authority

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