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Plant Manager- North Gaza Wastewater Management Facilities




Plant Manager- North Gaza Wastewater Management Facilities


Project Background 

Wastewater Management Sustainability (WMS) Project contributes indirectly to the twin objectives of eradicating extreme poverty and sharing prosperity by improving the quality of life of about 400,000 residents in northern Gaza through the provision of wastewater treatment services, including the protection of communities against the risk of floods from uncontrolled wastewater reservoirs, and by creating economic opportunities for productive use of treated effluent, has been designed to finance efficient Operation and Maintenance (O&M) for the North Gaza Wastewater Management Facilities (NGWMF) for four years and build conditions for sustainable wastewater treatment services. The proposed WMS project will provide technical and financial resources to prevent the collapse of the NGWMF and continue the operation of the facilities at design capacity, while building a long-term technical, institutional and financial capacity to operate and maintain wastewater services.  It will finance efficient O&M for four years (excluding electricity), and required rehabilitation of equipment and civil works at the NGWMF to guarantee performance at design capacity. The Project is financed by the World Bank Group, with total amount of 13.7 M USD, funds the Project.


Project Components

  1. Component 1: Support the continued operation of the NGWMF (US$7.1 million
  2. Component 2: Rehabilitation and upgrade of the NGWMF to improve efficiency build resiliency and address emergencies (US$3.4 million).
  3. Component 3: Capacity building for sustainability of wastewater services (US$2.2 million).
  4. Component 4: Project management and implementation support (US$1.0 million).
  5. Component 5: Contingency Emergency Response Component (US$0.0 million


Assignment Objective


Plant Manager, will report directly to the Project Manager and the PMU Director, holds the responsibility of the project management and implementation in respect to the O&M of the NGWMF throughout Project implementation in Gaza, including financial aspects such as reviews and approvals of disbursement plans, payment requests and its supporting documents, withdrawal applications, and other related financial aspects.



Essential Functions


Working with the data gathered from various staff of the NGWMF such as the Deputy Plant Manager, Operations Engineer, SCADA Operators, Laboratory Personnel, Operations and Maintenance Managers and Administrative Manager in order to manage and operate the NGWMF


Job Description


  • Overall responsible for planning, organizing, directing and reviewing all activities related to the operation and maintenance of the NGWMF.
  • Oversees the working schedules of all site mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair works, all according to the Operations and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Develops and supervises the application of techniques and methods in various process controls to increase the efficiency of the facilities operation.
  • Reviews comprehensive reports and provides detailed information and recommendations to PWA and where required, other public bodies/agencies when necessary.
  • Prepares the annual operation budget for the NGWMF and manages funds received.
  • Reviews all plans for upgrades.
  • Directs research and development in the areas of new processes or techniques.
  • Oversees all analytical work within the laboratory and the recording of all analytical results and to ensure compliance with the required standards relating to the discharge of the effluent.
  • Prepares comprehensive reports necessary to provide information as required by local, state or national regulatory agencies.
  • Provides solutions in the more difficult technical or public relations problems.
  • Conducts facility tours as required.
  • Supervises and coordinates the activities of the NGWMF operators and maintenance staff including training, scheduling and written performance evaluations.
  • Works with employees to correct deficiencies and implements disciplinary procedures. Reviews operation and maintenance work through on the job inspections, conferences and reports.
  • Provides advice on future system improvements deemed necessary to dispose of expected increases in wastewater flows.
  • Reviews and studies the operating expenditure of the facilities.
  • Ensure all mechanics respond to public complaints concerning wastewater overflows and/or odour control and ensure to contact individuals with a solution to the problem.
  • Prepares health and safety documentation in accordance with Palestinian Regulations and to ensure that they are correctly applied.
  • To oversee and follow-up on store keeping records with regard to the use and replenishment of spare parts and the general maintenance and servicing of all site vehicles.
  • Oversees general site maintenance work and site cleanliness.
  • Oversees the implementation and monitoring of the Site Health and Safety Plan.
  • Oversees the upkeep of the Site Accident Book.
  • Number of employees that the manager is to manage about 30 employees.


Key Qualifications


  • Proven managerial record preferably with a Master’s Degree in a field of engineering (Civil, Process, Environmental or Mechanical).
  • Preferably, Ten (10) years of prior experience in the field of O&M of Wastewater facilities, among the ten years at least two years as WWTP manager or WW Process Engineer or WW O&M Engineer.
  • Knowledge of biological wastewater and sludge treatment processes.
  • Knowledge of aquatic chemistry.
  • Computer proficient (Microsoft Word and Excel etc.).
  • Proficiency in English language



Time Frame and Contract


The duration of the assignment is one year Extendable as demand necessity, on a full-time basis. The expected start date for the position is 1st November 2020. 


The CV’s and the supporting documents should be sent before 24/09/2020, to the email address below:

For more clarification, please do not hesitate in contacting the US during working hours (8:00 am-15:00pm).

Tel: 08 2644071 - Mobile: 0599267113

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


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