Partnership with Private Sector | PWA
Publish date: 2016/07/19

Partnership with Private Sector

Water Sector is confronted with huge political, financial, technical and administrative and other challenges, and in order to promote the sector, PWA needs to surmount these challenges with appropriate tools. Partnerships with the Private Sector may be one of the most important tools to surmount these challenges, whereby it is known locally and internationally that the Private Sector has the financial, technical and administrative capacity that may exceed the capabilities of many countries. Partnerships between the Public Sector and Private Sector in dealing with these challenges and the development of the water sector needs to find legal and regulatory frameworks and contractual guarantees, delivering of services to all citizens with quantity, quality and prices that emulate international standards, taking into account the principles of integrity, transparency and good governance, including preservation of the environment from any exploitation or depletion of resources through any party. Partnerships must be permanent for the sake of serving the citizen and to maintain their health and to secure the environment in which they live.

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